Schmitz Scholarships

The Shirley G. Schmitz Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, provides scholarships and leadership development programs for aspiring entrepreneurs who are students enrolled full time in accredited universities and community colleges within Arizona that can lead to eventually forming a business.

The Foundation provides scholarships as incentives rather than rewards for achievement.  We enlarge the spectrum by assisting ambitious talent and interceding to shape it.  Our philosophical approach is aggressive, conservative and supporting:

  • Aggressive in seeking and finding ambitious and determined applicants.
  • Conservative in how we analyze and select potential recipients.
  • Supportive of their ambitions and efforts through the course of their education.

To invest in future potential has its risks. We take unproven talent and invest money and effort in support of their entrepreneurial career goals.  We help them expand their universe of potential.


Ideal scholars have the characteristics of a highly promising, successful business owner:

  • Dynamic individual who would rather shape the future
  • Has creative ideas and varied interests
  • Possesses strong vision and determination
  • Races forward to meet their future
  • Willing to take calculated risks to achieve continued success
  • Recognizes the value of relationships
  • Has strong ethical fiber
  • Values community
  • Is a leader worth emulating
  • Works everyday to improve and keep learning


Any United States citizen attending a university or college in Arizona  full-time who demonstrates ability and motivation with entrepreneurial goals as a part of their future.


Download a “fillable” Word Doc SGS Application 2017-2018 Fillable and email mail it to  OR  download a PDF SGS Application 2017-2018 PDF  and mail it to: Shirley G. Schmitz Foundation,Inc. Attn. Will Neitzke, 29455 N Cave Creek Road, Ste 118-487, Cave Creek AZ 85331

To be considered for a scholarship, you must submit a completed legible and signed Schmitz Scholarship Application Form by June 16, 2017.


Applications are reviewed by the Foundation Board.  All applicants must provide a current address, personal email and personal phone number and respond via email to all Foundation communications.  Interviews with selected applicants are held in person in Phoenix, Arizona. Candidates for interview are informed on or before July 1.  Interviews take place the July 13th & 14th.  Applicants who cannot participate in these interviews will be disqualified. Qualifiers are informed by email of their interview time and place.  These individual interviews may last an hour.  If your ultimate goal is to start your own business, and your course work facilitates that goal, we encourage you to apply for this scholarship.


Each year the Foundation Board determines the number of scholarships to be awarded.  The amount for first year scholarships is $2,000.00.   The awards are paid directly to the recipient and can only be used to support their education, i.e. tuition and books.  Schmitz Scholars may be eligible to reapply for additional years scholarships.  Returning scholars may be awarded $2,500.00 to $3,000.00. In addition to financial support, the Foundation provides Schmitz Scholars other professional development activities and events designed to help expand their entrepreneurial skills and understand small business development challenges..


Recipients of this scholarship may re-apply for continued support if they have fulfilled requirements.  Re-applicants submit a Re-application Form that focuses on the impact and use of the earlier scholarship support.  To be eligible for additional scholarships, Schmitz Scholars must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a full year with successful academic progress toward achieving their stated business vision for the future.
  • Submit timely written reports twice per year at the end of each semester.  (Three times if attending an institution on the quarter system.)
  • Have taken advantage of the additional opportunities provided by the Foundation.
  • Continued enrollment in an Arizona college or university for the coming year.