Welcome to Shirley G. Schmitz Foundation, Inc

Setting People on Course to Reshape the future of Business

The Shirley G. Schmitz Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, provides scholarships and leadership development programs for aspiring entrepreneurs who are students enrolled full time in accredited universities and community colleges within Arizona.

The Foundation provides scholarships as incentives rather than rewards for achievement. We enlarge the spectrum by assisting ambitious talent and interceding to shape it. Our approach is aggressive, conservative and supportive:

  • Aggressive in seeking and finding ambitious and determined applicants.
  • Conservative in how we analyze and select potential recipients.
  • Supportive of their ambitions and efforts through the course of their education.

To invest in future potential has its risks.  We take unproven talent and invest money and effort in support of their entrepreneurial career goals. We help them expand their universe of potential.